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Screw it, let’s Do it Summary

What is one thing that you always wanted to do but others told you it’s stupid and you shouldn’t do it. Screw It, let’s Do it. This is what Richard Branson will tell you. He is a billionaire due to his hard work and efforts, with an estimated net worth of about US $5 billion. Branson created his first business when he was just sixteen. In this book, Screw It, let’s Do It, he shares nine tips on how to achieve your goals and become as successful as possible in life. In this summary, I’ll share with you three most important tips on how to live the life.

Lesson #1: Just Do It!

Branson believes that if you want to do something, you should just do it, even if people say it can’t be done. Branson says it doesn’t matter what’s the challenge, if it’s something you enjoy, just do it. You’ll be glad you did. When he was 15 years old and still at school, Branson started a magazine called “Student”, despite people saying he couldn’t do it. He wasn’t good at school and left at age 16 to work on it full-time. Branson worked hard and wrote hundreds of letters to sell advertising space and get interviews. The hard work paid off and the magazine became a success. Branson always wanted to live life to the full. When he was offered a world record opportunity, “Screw it, let’s do it” is literally what he said as he can’t resist a challenge. He was the first to cross the Atlantic in his balloon with his colleague – a world record.

Lesson #2: Have Fun

Branson says his keys to success have been hard work and full belief in himself, but he also tries to have fun. He says, having fun should be at the core of your business. Concentrate on having fun and the money will follow. In 1977, he heard that if you’re looking to buy a house on the British Virgin Islands, you get a grand tour free of charge. Branson spoke to an estate agent and off he went with his girlfriend. He had no intention of buying a house there but later in life, he bought one of the entire islands, Necker Island. On the way home, their flight was canceled, so Branson chartered a plane for $2000, divided that by the number of people stranded, and wrote on a borrowed blackboard: VIRGIN AIRWAYS $39 SINGLE FLIGHT TO PUERTO RICO. Thus the idea of Virgin Airways was formed whilst on holiday having fun. To Richard Branson, when something stops being fun, it’s time to move on.

Lesson #3: Be Bold

Branson believes in being bold but not gambling. As a child, Branson knew the pilot and war hero Douglas Bader who lost both legs in a flying accident but learned to walk and fly again. You should try and avoid risks but protecting yourself 100% of the time is impossible. You have to chase your goals and follow your dreams Branson says. One occasion where he was bold was deciding to start an airline as it would cost a large amount of money. Despite no one thinking it would last more than a year when it launched in 1984, Virgin Atlantic has been a roaring success. He took a risk but the odds were good as, instead of offering a cheaper service than the other larger airlines that could undercut them, Branson offered a better service, which they couldn’t match. Whatever your dream is, go for it. Always beware if the risks are too random or too hard to predict, but remember, if you opt for a safe life, you will never know what it’s like to win. Have no regrets, think big, and go for it.

And here we have it. I hope you will be inspired to get the most out of your life and to achieve your goals. People will always try to talk you out of ideas and say: ‘It can’t be done,’ but if you have faith in yourself you’ll find you can achieve almost anything.

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