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The Psychology of Winning Summary

I recently read this book called the Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley. In this book, Denis talks about the differences between losers and winners. Not only there is a huge gap in their success in life, but also their attitude towards life and how much they enjoy it. Losers have so many losing habits and their lives are dominated by fear. Thankfully, in his book, Denis explains how anyone can become a winner. In this summary, I’ll share with you three key lessons that I learned from the book.

Key Lesson #1: Winners have clearly defined goals

Most of us know people who seem to lack any clear path or direction. Winners, on the other hand, set clear goals for themselves. They can tell you exactly what they are doing and where they want to be. They start by setting lifetime goals and then breaking them down into specific ones. This is because the human brain requires specific data to function properly. After setting the goals, they monitor the feedback and make necessary adjustments to stay on target. That’s why winners tend to get what they expect.

Key Lesson #2: Winners motivate themselves by focusing on the positive impact of their action

When faced with a challenge most of us feel self-doubt, but winners always make sure to focus on the positive side. They see challenges as opportunities. Winners don’t live by fear. Instead, they are motivated by the desire to achieve the goal they have set. They focus on the rewards of success rather than fear of failure. According to Victor Frankl, the concentration camp survivor, people need to strive toward a goal that is worthy of them, otherwise, they lose their will to live. Winners know that whatever fills their mind will influence their actions. So they ensure their mind is full of positive things: solutions instead of problems.

Key Lesson #3: Winners understand that they determine how their lives turn out

You probably know a person who would say: “I’ll just see what happens.” This is the difference between losers and winners. Losers let it happen, winners make it happen. Winners believe that they themselves can shape their own destinies. Life provides you with many possible paths to follow, but it is you who must decide which one is best for you. Take action and proudly say, “ I decided to do this”.

To become a winner you simply need to develop winning habits. Once you have these habits and start practicing them, you’ll find yourself living a more successful and positive life.

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