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Your Erroneous Zones Wayne Dyer Summary

I recently read the book “Your Erroneous Zone by Dr. Wayne Dyer.” This is one of the best-selling books on personal development. In the book, Wayne Dyer wants to show us how to take complete control of our lives. This is a wonderful book for those that are interested in self-development and I totally loved reading it and would highly recommend it to anyone. Wayne Dyer says you control your destiny, you decide whether you will achieve your goals regardless of your past background. In this summary, I’ll share with you some of the lessons I learned from the book.

Lesson #1: Don’t Let Guilt Control the Present

Guilt always comes from the past. You’re guilty because of something that has already happened. Religious groups, schools, people, businesses, and families use guilt to get you to do something. And it works. Don’t let guilt chain you down. The past has already happened and cannot be changed. Stop letting guilt waste the present moment. Don’t let it chain you down and prevent you from making the most of the present. You can’t change the past. It’s already happened. So stop thinking about it unless it is to positively affect what you can change in the present.

Lesson #2: Don’t Let Worry Paralyze You

Worry comes from the future. You worry when you’re scared of an event taking place. People worry about everything from tax audits to the economy going bad. Don’t waste time worrying about things you have no control over because you can’t change them anyway. Don’t be the person who needlessly hurts his health worrying about things that never even happen. A wise man once said: “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

Lesson #3: Avoid Angry Actions

There is no anger in the world, just angry thoughts that turn into angry actions. Buddha said that you are not punished for your anger, your anger punishes you. Anger is one of your erroneous zones because people assume that you cannot change your temper or anger. It isn’t the act that makes you angry; it’s how you think about what happened. Let’s say someone cuts you off on the road. If you didn’t know about it happening, you wouldn’t be angry. It’s your thinking that creates an angry action. The event didn’t cause the anger. If it did, you would be angry whether or not you were aware. To deal with this, don’t try to avoid knowing. Instead, start thinking about events in a better way.

In summary, Wayne Dyer wants us to become aware that Every Function of Life Holds some Happiness. And remember this, There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

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