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Bahman Abolhassani

My name is Bahman Abolhassani and I'm on a mission to become the best version of myself! A while back I found myself in one of the darkest winters of my life, feeling lost and hopeless. That's when I discovered the incredible teachings of Jim Rohn. 

His words slowly but surely penetrated my mind and transformed me from the inside out. With Jim Rohn as my mentor, I set out on a journey of self-improvement. Jim Rohn challenged me to read 100 books a year for at least a decade, and that's exactly what I am doing!

But my journey didn't stop there. Along the way, I met Bob Proctor, who taught me a valuable lesson: "you don't actually understand something until you can explain it to someone else so that they do understand it." And that's why I started creating book summaries and animated videos to share what I am learning with you, absolutely for free!

There's always something to improve in life, and I invite you to join me on this journey of growth and self-improvement. Let's start now and grow together. Are you in?

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