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TNT: It Rocks the Earth Summary

A while ago, I made a summary of The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol and I totally loved that book. So, I decided to read another book by Claude Bristol. And I choose this one, “TNT: It Rocks the Earth.” This is a very short and easy-to-read book but it was a profound one. I can’t tell you enough how much I loved it and I would totally encourage anyone to read it. In this summary, I’ll share with you three key lessons that I learned from the book.

Key Lesson #1: Scoffers Do Not Succeed

Let me tell you an old story:

Down on a levee in Mississippi, two men were dozing – one of them yawned, stretched his arms, and sighed:

“Gee, I wish I had a million watermelons.”

The other man said:

“Rastus, if you had a million watermelons, would you give me half of them?”

“No, sir!”

“Would you give me a quarter of them?”

“No, I wouldn’t give you a quarter of them.”

“Rastus, if you had a million watermelons wouldn’t you give me even ten of them?”

“No, sir! I wouldn’t give you ten of them.”

“Well, wouldn’t you give me one lousy watermelon?” “Say, Sam, I wouldn’t give you even a bite of one if I had a million watermelons.” “Why not, Rastus?”

“Because you’re too lazy to wish for yourself.”

There’s a lot to learn from the story. There have always been scoffers, but scoffers never succeed. They never get any place in life – simply become envious, while the person who is moving forward has to jump over or go around them.

Key Lesson #2: If You Believe It – It’s So

This is a saying I totally believe in. It is found in all religions, cults, creeds, and sects. All the great teachers, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad, Jesus, and many philosophers taught this great fundamental idea. The Bible says, “As a man thinketh in his heart – so is he.” You can reduce the whole concept to just one word, and that would be “faith”. I have heard many, many people say the day of miracles is past, but never in my life have I heard a thinker, a student, or a believer say such things. Surely, the days of Aladdin and his lamp are gone, or maybe they never existed, but this is not a secret to wise people that we become what we think about. Amazingly it still is a secret to so many people.

Key Lesson #3: The Inner Voice Speaks the Truth

Everything that anyone has ever done constructively has been done from within himself. Mahatma Gandhi upon arriving in England to seek a solution to India’s problems, asked him why are you doing this? He said: “I’m doing this because a voice within me speaks.” Gandhi referred to “something” from within. Call it a Power, call it something supernatural, call it anything you wish. Some refer to it as the subconscious mind. Others call it instinct or a voice from beyond. No matter what it is, it gets results. Listen to it and don’t ignore it. Every great thing was accomplished because one person listened to his inner voice had faith in it and was able to pass it on.

And here we have it. The summary of TNT: It Rocks the Earth. I’ll put the link to the audiobook in the description. I totally recommend listening to it. It’s just one hour and is free on YouTube.

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