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Wake Up and Live: Book Summary

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Question: What would you do if it if you knew it was impossible to fail?

Well, in this book, wake up and live. Dorothea Brande helps us to understand the importance of this question. Her entire philosophy is “act as though it were impossible to fail.” This book is filled with tips for successful living that you can directly apply to your life. I was introduced to it by Earl Nightingale in his “strangest secret” recording, which I made a review on it, and you can find it here.

In her book. Brandon talks about success, but this is not about how to get rich quickly or become famous overnight. The core message of the book is that we all know deep down in our hearts when we are truly fulfilling our potential. And the formula she proposes encourages everyone to take steps to put ideas and beliefs into practice. This means going out of your comfort zone, breaking your routine, and embracing a more dynamic way of living that combines self-discipline and allowing yourself to be open to new ideas and experiences.

If I want to give you five great ideas that I learned from this book, that would be:

1- Know thyself.

2- When undertaking any endeavor. Act as if it were impossible to fail.

(in other words, don't second guess yourself.)

3- There is no general definition of success.

4- Those who reach success are likely to be constant workers.

5- It is the sum of small things successfully done that will transform your


The final chapter of the book is entitled,”… And The Best of Luck”, and there we read, Success for any man is equivalent to doing his best, whatever that this may be. And we can discover how much we can achieve only by freeing ourselves completely from the fear of failure.

So, the Formula is: “Act as if it were impossible to fail” What do you think about this formula? Comment down below and let me know what you think. I will personally respond to each comment. Also, we have other books summaries our youtube channel.

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